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6 Bath Time Hacks that Make Bathing More Fun!

No need for an introduction here. Some babies and children love bath time and some... well not so much.  Here are a few tips and tricks for the latter.

  1. kids hate being cold when they get out of the bath, Put a heating pad inside a folded up towel for about 10 minutes prior to the end of bath time
  2. If baby is too big for the sink, to small for the bath tub, and too independent for a soaker tub then try a laundry basket!  When Eli was younger we would fill the bath tub up with a few inches of water and put a plastic laundry basket in it and sit Eli in the basket!  He loved it!
  3. Keep shampoo out of the eyes.  We all know that, but we also know that to keep our kids from flipping out we have to keep it off of their faces too.  Wrap a bandana around their head if they are not old enough to hold a cloth over their face.  Rinse and remove though before its too late! hehe
  4. Use glow sticks to liven up bath time.  They are super cheap and non-toxic and they make the water colorful and fun without the mess.  If your kids are old enough and supervised of course turn off the light for a few minutes, it's a blast.
  5. Get your kids used to water being poured on them.  We have found one of the best ways to accomplish this is to let them do it themselves.  Get a small cup or poke holes in a rinsed out soda bottle or milk carton and let them rinse themselves with the small, fun streams of water.
  6. Check out this cool wash cloth hand puppet from 30 minute crafts!
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