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Free USA Shipping on orders of $50+

Bannor Toys Goes 100% Organic

Bannor Toys has always used all natural woods with no stain, and we've always used an organic, all natural finish on our toys that is safe and non-toxic.  But now we have taken it one step further, our adhesives and paints are completely organic now as well!

Of course our previous adhesives and paints were safe.  We would never use a product that was potentially toxic.  We use very little paint, just the colorful disks on our rattles, and our adhesives are used for things like holding the wheels on our toy cars, etc.  All of our materials pass the same safety standards as the big toy companies.  But Stacey and I (Jesse)  decided that simply passing safety standards was not enough if there was an even better product out there.

So we started searching and we actually found a company right here in the USA that makes a very strong, yet all organic glue.  The same company makes an all organic paint as well so now not only is our paints safe, but they are all natural as well.  This company has also passed all US and EU safety testing.  Sure it costs a little more on our end but for us it is certainly worth the piece of mind.  We know other wood toy companies have not yet gone to this length to provide a 100% organic product, but for us it is important. 

Here is what we guarantee about our finishes, adhesives, and paints: 

-Non allergenic (our wood finish uses flaxseed which is not normally allergenic to kids)

-Non toxic

-100% VOC free


- Organic

-Safe for you and the environment! 

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