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We often get asked what kind of stain we use, and the answer is we don't!  We use Maple, Cherry, and Walnut woods.  Each has its own distinct characteristics and natural beauty.  The organic beeswax and flaxseed oil mixture we apply to the woods is what brings our the brightness.   

Maple is the lightest wood, and by far the hardest.  Occasionally we get a board with a beautiful curl in it, or a piece of ambrosia maple where parts are darker.  Maple is the wood we use for our teethers, it tastes the best and is naturally anti-bacterial.  

Walnut is the darkest wood we use, and almost a chocolate color.  Walnut is still a hard wood, but the easiest to cut on the scroll saw.  My favorite pieces of walnut are the ones where the grain is multi-colored and almost streak like.  Walnut is my favorite smelling wood, like baked chocolate chip cookies when we cut a board.  

Cherry is the medium, reddish colored wood we use.  It engraves the best and the grain it in can be utterly stunning.  Cherry is a hardwood as well, and the middle one in hardness of the three types we use.  



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