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Free USA Shipping on orders of $50+
Free USA Shipping on orders of $50+
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Hi ya'll!  Stacey here, I wanted to say hello quick and tell you about some exciting things we're doing.  We've been in business now for almost 6 years, and this year we are focusing on you.  You are so important to us that were bringing some things back to basics and connecting on a more personal level.  First, we've updated shipping in the shop, the most you will pay is $3.99, and if you spend $75 or more you will only pay $0.99!   While the trend has been for online stores to move toward free shipping, they are having to increase their prices by up to 30%. That is not hyperbole, compare prices. :)  We want to leave the choice of how much you spend up to you and so we have left our prices as low as possible and we have lowered shipping prices to what we feel it fair for all.  Jesse and I have also been hard at work on new toys for a long while now, and 5 of them are in the store (+ on sale)!  You'll find 3 new wand shapes, a heart, butterfly, and rocket (because, blast off!).   Ethan also talked us into making a new camping matching game, he (+ we) hope you'll love it!  Our last new toy this month is a set of all cherry ABC picture blocks.  You all have loved the maple animal set, so we made a set that included more than just animals!  My favorite block is probably the T block, for T-Rex!   Let us know which block is your favorite?  We have so many new adventures planned for 2017, so let's get started!



First up, our Valentines Sale that is taking place right now!!  We're celebrating LOVE this coming month and want to share a little love with you!  All the toys below (+ some) are on sale with no code needed!  Sale prices valid through 2/7, and anything ordered by the end of the sale will ship in time for your little ones Valentine's day! 



Mark your calendars, Bannor Toys is on the move this year and we have a few pop-up shops scheduled!  First up... the Kansas City Pop-Up Shop!  We're joining an amazing line-up of your some of your favorite small shops to bring you all kinds of awesome products.  Keep watching for updates on our social media accounts!



You can also expect some amazing things right here on our blog this year!  We have invited some of our favorite mamas to join us and share their life experiences with you!  These women will have you rolling on the ground laughing one second and then crying good tears another.  First up, we will have Amy Lou Hawthorn chatting with us about LOVE on the 13th.  Amy is one of those moms whose brutal honesty will make you feel like you could be Bffs, and her two adorable girls will have you smiling from ear to ear.  You can catch-up with Amy and her uber adorable family right here on her Instagram account.



Last but certainly not least, we want to talk about community.   It is a word that holds a whole lotta weight with all of us here at Bannor Toys.  It is because of our community that Bannor Toys is what we are today.  This is why we have created a new space for our customers to come together and have the chance to be more than a customer.  We want Bannor Toys to be less about a transaction and more about family, about community.  We want to meet you, get to know you, see pictures of your littles, and pick your brain!  With that being said, we are so excited to introduce you to Bannor Toys Collective!  We are inviting you to join us and have a voice in what you would like to see from us.  At BTC you will have the chance to see what's new in our shop first, test toys, and share your life experiences with us.  Here our customers can ask questions, share opinions, and be an integral part of how we can work for you.  You can join in all of the fun here!  And, if you know someone who you think could benefit from our group invite them to join us too.  We are so excited to have the chance to get to know you.  Won't you join us??



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Sarah - February 1, 2017

So excited for Amy’s blog post! How exciting!

Linda Crum - February 1, 2017

Love these toys! Very cute! ?

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