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A Few Words from Bannor Toys - Bannor Toys

A Few Words from Bannor Toys

We recently asked you, our wonderful customers, to complete a short survey for us to help us as we plan the next year or so and we have finally had time to work through all of your responses. Thank you to all who helped us by taking the time to respond! It really does help us see what you would like and what changes need to be made. 

Since we have been able to really dig into the results, we want to take the time to address a few things we learned. First of all, we are so happy to hear that you love how sturdy, durable and long-lasting our toys are! We work very hard to design toys that are meant to last! And of course, safety is so important to us. We are parents just like you and want to be sure we give your kids toys that are safe and we would give to our own! This is why we have our toys third-party safety tested. If a toy doesn’t pass testing, we go back to the drawing board until it does. We strive for each item that leaves our shop to be something that is not only fun, but safe and can give you peace of mind. 

We also appreciate that you love that our toys are able to be used for multiple ages, are educational, and look beautiful! We want our toys to grow with your kids and continue to foster their imaginations as well as their love for learning! And just wait….more educational items are coming SOON! We hope you love them as much as we do! Plus, it never hurts that the toy looks like beautiful decor in your home!

We also asked all of you what toys (past or new) you’d like to see. Overwhelmingly, your responses were vehicles, the cash register, more educational items, the step stool and the tool box. Let us tell you the good news first, as stated above, more educational items are coming! We are hoping to launch some new items in the next few months! We are busy designing and planning these new toys. Some other good news….we brought back our jalopies! We specifically chose this vehicle to bring back because it would be cost effective not only for us, but for you! The jalopy is the perfect size for little hands and can be personalized for a minimal amount of money. 

Now maybe for the not-so-good-news, we currently are not able to get the baltic birch plywood that we use to make the cash register, step stool and tool box. This is heartbreaking to us! The state of things in our world currently makes it so we can’t purchase it as it isn’t even being shipped into the US. We do hope that these products will make a comeback, but it does sound like it will be quite awhile before we can get the wood and even then, we will need to look at the price of it to see if it is still cost effective. We strive to keep our prices affordable so if the wood price is high, we will have to wait and hope that it drops so we can continue to offer our toys at prices that are affordable for everyone. 

We also received so many good ideas for possible future toys so thank you so much! Our minds are already starting to work through how we could do some of them and there are even a few that were already in the works before we tallied the results….great minds think alike!!

Lastly, we know that finances are tough for everyone right now. We feel it, our employees feel it, we know you feel it. When we started Bannor Toys back in 2011, we wanted to produce toys that were high quality and affordable, and that desire hasn’t changed. We will continue to do all we can to keep prices affordable, but please know that the supply chain issues have hit all small businesses very hard and some changes have had to be made. 

We truly value you as our customers and your opinions and ideas do matter to us! While we can’t always grant every request that we receive, we do work hard to listen and take notes from the feedback you give. Our customers have helped make Bannor Toys what it is today and we will never forget that. We are grateful for each and every one of you.

Thank you,

The Bannor Toys Team

Jesse, Stacey, Mardi & Beth

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