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Bannor Limited #19- Lacing Shapes - Bannor Toys

Bannor Limited #19- Lacing Shapes

Lacing Shapes


Bannor Limited Toy #19- 

Lacing Shapes

Give your kids a new way to practice hand-eye coordination while working on shape recognition, counting, and colors!  Our limited edition lacing shapes set is perfect for a car ride, quiet time, or just before dinner time.   Set includes 4 shapes - square, circle, triangle, and star.  All shapes are roughly 4-4.25".   You will also get 4 different colored 27" shoe laces - yellow, orange, green, and blue.   Set comes in a cloth bag for easy storage. 

And, how cute would this set be in an Easter basket??  (Hint, hint!) 
Only available through Sunday, March 11th (while supplies last)!!
Shop for your set now HERE!


Lacing Shapes


 (Please note: All Bannor Limited toys are excluded from discount codes and sales.)

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