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Free USA Shipping on orders of $50+
Bannor Limited 2021 #6 + New Teethers! - Bannor Toys

Bannor Limited 2021 #6 + New Teethers!

Bannor Limited #6 - The Adventure Puzzle
Introducing a NEW chunky puzzle!
Y'all love our chunky puzzles so we thought it was time to design a new one!
So, let's go on an ADVENTURE!
The puzzle base is approximately 7"x7" square and the shapes vary in size anywhere from 3" to 4". The perfect size for those little hands! 
Shop the Adventure Puzzle here.
We are also launching two NEW items for the littlest of babes!
Welcome our....
       Nubby Teether                 and                 Baby Teether!
When Eric was born, Stacey and Jesse quickly realized that they didn't have anything small enough for him to grasp and play with so these teethers were born! They weigh ONE OUNCE! Perfectly light weight for the smallest of babes! The Nubby Teether is made from round and lentil-shaped beads and the Baby Teether is made from smaller round beads that will feel so good on your baby's gums. Each teether also comes with a silicone ring. 
We know teething can be so hard on little ones, so feel free to pop these in the freezer for a little while and they will retain the cold and soothe those sore gums! 
Shop the New Teethers here.
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