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Free USA Shipping on orders of $50+
Bannor Limited #26- The Star Stacker - Bannor Toys

Bannor Limited #26- The Star Stacker

A Toy So Beautiful, You'll Want To Pass It Down!
Bannor Limited Star Stacker
Can you believe we are at our 26th limited toy already?!   This stunning star stacker has been in our toy dreams for a while and we think its the perfect addition for any babe or toddler!  You'll encourage eye-hand coordination and motor skill development when you little one learns to put the stars on the base; and you'll promote creative thinking and problem solving as they figure out which order the stars go....and that there really is no wrong way to stack them!  Our Bannor Toys are perfect for open-ended play.   This stacker is built like the rest of the Bannor Toys line, it'll be around to pass down to your great-grandchildren!  
Limited Edition Wooden Star Stacker, Available June 4 - June 17th - ONLY (While supplies last)!   Order it now and have it in time for the 4th of July!
 (Please note: All Bannor Limited toys are excluded from discount codes and sales.)
Bannor Limited Star Stacker
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Keith Duncan - October 16, 2018

Hello. Any chance I could order a replacement ring for this?. Our dog had chewed the end of the one we have.

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