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Free USA Shipping on orders of $50+
Bannor Limited Toy #7: The Love Bug - Bannor Toys

Bannor Limited Toy #7: The Love Bug

We are so excited to introduce you to the L ❤️  VE Bug!!  Beep, beep!!



This classic Love Bug Car is the perfect addition (or start) to your Bannor Toys wooden car set!  Its timeless shape fits in seamlessly with our truck, hotrod, and jalopies. Made from Maple hardwood, it's sure to be a gorgeous addition to any nursery shelf!    Starting at just $15.99 and available now through Sunday August 6th, while supplies last!  


Love Bug Car


Shop for your L❤️  VE Bug Car right here!

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Katrina - December 6, 2017

Horrible customer service. Their answer is to block me on Facebook and Instagram instead of dealing with the problem of my missing order. Wow.

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