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Bannor Limited Tracing Boards - Bannor Toys

Bannor Limited Tracing Boards

Here is Bannor Limited #7! It is our last limited item for 2020, but don't worry! We still have lots of good things coming your way to finish off this year!!

This beautiful beech wood tracing board is perfect for helping with homeschooling this fall or just working with your preschoolers and early elementary kids!  This is great for exercising those fine motor skills!


  • Double sided with shapes and numbers
  • Walnut "pencil" to trace with
  • Comes unfinished/natural wood
  • Board is 6" x 11.5"
  • Pencil is 4.25" long

The perfect tool to help with learning.  Do more than just trace though!   Get creative doing crayon rubbings over the shapes or putting the same number of beads in each of the numbers.   This tracing board will help make learning fun! 


**Limited Toys Excluded From All Discount Codes**


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