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Bannor Toys : It's a PARTY!! - Bannor Toys

Bannor Toys : It's a PARTY!!

I absolutely LOVE throwing parties, and one of my favorite ways to help narrow down all of the incredible options out there is to center the party around a theme or TOY! That's right, here’s eight ideas of parties to throw based on some of our favorite Bannor Toys.
Some Bunny is One!! Birthday Party
Patricia B. shared with us these adorable photos of her little one celebrating her first birthday with her favorite Bannor Toys!! This is such a fun birthday party for spring or summer, and we're smitten with it!
You can find the Bunny Push Toy HERE or the Bunny Grasping toy HERE.
A party snack idea: Annie’s Bunny Graham Crackers
A fun song to share: Do the Bunny Hop!
Being One is WHALEY Fun! Birthday Party
This is such a great party for an outdoor summer party where families know ahead of time to bring swim gear!  Set up a sprinkler, a splash pad, a slip and slide, a water table, and let the kids play!  Don't forget to use our Whale Rattle as part of your birthday display!
You can find the whale rattle HERE!
A Party Activity Idea: This really fun whale sprinkler is the only toy you’ll need for a party of little ones! Just make sure to remind moms beforehand to bring swim suits or dry clothes.
A snack idea: Make blue jello and put gummy fish in it! Just make sure the jello isn’t too hot when adding the fish.
Little Valentine Baby Shower
This baby shower is incredibly fun to throw for mamas who are due around Valentine's Day, or for a baby shower thrown that time of year!  Using a Bannor Toy for this theme is easy, because there are so many toys to love!
A snack idea: Make heart shaped cookies and decorate them together at the shower, or decorate them before hand with the shower’s color theme.
A baby shower game: Check out this prior Bannor Blog post here where we included a free baby shower game!
TWO Wild & Fun! Birthday Party
Celebrating that second birthday is so much fun - and can be a little wild! Lean into the zoo that might be your current stage and celebrate with a safari themed party!  Centerpiece this party around our fan & staff favorite, the Giraffe Push Toy.
A song to celebrate with: Let your littles dance around to this fun tune as they practice being different kinds of animals! Stomp like an elephant, hop like a kangaroo, and don’t forget to freeze!!
An easy party favor: Hand out little boxes of animal crackers as your party favor! They’re a perfect snack for on the go - and you might just find a giraffe as you munch through your box!
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Baby Shower
Baby showers are so fun to throw, and this theme is especially perfect! You can incorporate other nursery rhyme games, have food cut into the shapes of stars, and so much more.  Plus, you can incorporate our star wand for an extra magic touch! Engrave the wand with the baby’s name, the mama’s name, or use them as name placeholders around your decorated table.
We love this maternity dress for the stars theme. 
And be sure to check out the balloon pump our Facebook Collective LOVES for throwing parties!
Hollyn’s First Fixer Upper Birthday Party
Katlyn B. Shared these perfect photos of her daughter Hollyn’s first birthday which was Fixer Upper themed! Katlyn used our name blocks for a picture perfect display at the party.  We are kind of obsessed with that playhouse and want one of our own!
(Bonus: did you know that Bannor has been a vender at several events at the Silos? Here’s a photo of Stacey with Joanna herself!)
A fun party favor: Did you catch that our yo-yos have been revamped? These make a perfect party favor for older kiddos!
A giveaway each month!
Did you know we host a birthday giveaway each month in our Facebook collective? You can join our collective where we are creating a space for mom's to share life ups and downs, ask questions, help others, share pictures your littles, and get the inside scoop on what's happening at Bannor Toys. Become a collective member HERE!
Little Lucy Had a Farm Birthday Party
Beth P. Shared that her family plans to celebrate her daughter’s birthday with a farm theme! To this, we say there couldn’t be a moooo fun plan! Use our classic Farm Play Set or Farm Puzzle as a decoration that doubles as a gift! 
These shirts for mom and dad to wear to the party are too cute! 
This farm playlist will really help set the mooooood. 
Three-Rex Birthday Party
Have a little dinosaur lover in your life? This party is for you!  Adapt the dinosaur’s name for your kids’ ages as needed, but either way, this fun theme will make your kiddo roar! Our Dino Push toy is fabulous for keeping baby’s attention as they do tummy time, motivating them as they work towards crawling, and of course pushing around as they become mobile.  Older kiddos will enjoy knocking over block towers with the Dino and of course, it’s gorgeous as room decor!
We think this Dino cake actually looks possible to make!
Feel like a real archeologist with these Dino eggs excavation dig kits! 
Feeling inspired to throw a great themed party? We sure are!  We love it when you share your every day moments with us - and your big, grand milestone moments too -  using #bannortoys or tagging us @bannortoys!  
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