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Fall is coming and with it Halloween!!! Halloween is a fun holiday to spend with your family. From crafts, jack o'lanterns, costumes, to trick or treating a ton of enjoyment can come from it. Here is a great idea for both a craft and a decoration that can be pulled out year after year! 

Milk Jug Ghosts

Materials Needed:

👻 Empty Milk Jug

👻 Black or dark paper

👻 Scissors

👻 Pencil/white crayon

👻 Hot glue gun and glue sticks

👻 White Lights

👻 Box Cutter Knife (or a craft knife)


1. Draw the ghost face on black/dark paper with a crayon or a pencil. If you are having your child do this, it would be best to use the white crayon so they can see it better, especially for step 2. If you don't have black/dark paper, no or your child can draw directly on the milk jug with a black sharpie and then color it in. (The only black paper I had on hand had some lines on it, but you won't be able to see the lines at night!) You can also draw the face on white paper and just color it black. 

2. Cut out the ghost face. (Feel free to let your little one give this a try if you feel they are old enough to handle scissors. Every kiddo is different so you decide what is best for your child.)
3. Glue your ghost face onto your milk jug. I have found that a glue gun works best here, but if you have another craft glue that you will know will work, go ahead and use it! I would suggest that the adult handle the glue gun during this step. In order to keep your child involved, let them tell you where to place each piece.
4. Cut a hole on the back side of the jug with a box cutter or a craft knife. You will want the hole near the bottom. This is where you will insert the lights. Again,I would recommend and adult do this part.
5. Insert the lights. You will want a strand of at least 20 lights. It all depends on how bright you want your ghost to be. If you are making more than one jug, you can use a larger strand and just put 20-30 lights in each jug and place them close together. Your child can help you insert the lights into the hole. (This would be a great fine motor exercise for them!) It's ok if they just end up in a big ball inside the jug, it will look great!!
6. Plug it in and enjoy! You can set this up inside or outside and you can save it and use it year after year! 
Another variation of this craft is to make Jack-o-lanterns out of milk jugs. My kids did this 5 years ago but when I brought them out to display this year, time had taken it's toll on them so I had them redo the faces on them this year! You can find orange string lights in some home improvement stores (Menards, Lowes Home Depot) or on Amazon. We used a 100 light strand and split them between the 3 jugs.
And if you are thinking ahead to can make snowmen too!! 
I hope you enjoy making these fun milk jug crafts!
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