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Brotherhood with Kacie Case - Bannor Toys

Brotherhood with Kacie Case

You know her as Mama Case, but three of the world's cutest kids call her Mama.  Kacie Case joins us this week to chat about sibling love and just how amazing it is.  Disclaimer: Ray's cheeks will melt your heart.  For real.  You've been warned!


Mothers are told, just before they have their second baby, "Don't worry. Your heart will just expand."

But we all doubt it. I looked at Eddy, 2 years old and with a fresh, heavy type 1 diabetes diagnosis, and was devastated at the thought of him having to share my attention. I reminded myself daily that I adore my own siblings and that life wouldn't be the same without them. I was over the moon to be giving Eddy a sibling and for our family to grow but I was wracked with guilt.
And then Rocky barreled into our lives. Quickly. I joked that his labor gave me whiplash. We thought that maybe it was a sign of his personality - like a little tornado. We learned almost immediately that rather it was a sign that he didn't want to make things harder. From the moment we knew him, we could see patience and kindness. He wasn't needy, just easy going and happy. It was as though he was telling us not to worry, no big deal, take care of Eddy and I'll be right here waiting. We were all enamored, Eddy included.  
We watched Eddy offer love to Rocky and were just floored. His love was immediate and so natural. Before long, neither of them wanted to be to far from each other. I loved Rocky the moment I met him, just as I did Eddy, but my heart blew wide open when I saw a love grow that existed independent of me.
How do you teach your kids to love? I don't even know the answer. The best I can figure out is to just love them, to show them how it feels and hope that it shows them how to give it to others.

Having faith in that unshakable sibling love, I didn't have the same worries before Ray was born. He came quietly in the middle of the night, the day before Christmas. His two big brothers woke up to the news and I was again able to witness the birth of new love. Eddy and Rocky met Ray for the first time with absolute wonder and adoration.
Ray falls asleep to the sound of his big brothers playing, he stops crying when they are near, and moves his legs and arms with all his might when he watches them run past. 
Motherhood is not without its bumps - 3 times the bumps now - but this brotherhood is giving me life. 


What'd we tell ya?!  Cheeks for days and a whole lotta love between these three boys.  You can catch up with Kacie and her crew on her Instagram page here!

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Nicole Branstad - March 15, 2017

LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS! We just gave our oldest a little brother seven months ago and I can already see their bond forming. #mygreatestaccomplishments

Silver - March 15, 2017

Those cheeks! Awww. I have two boys and was so worried about sharing my attention between them, my oldest liking his brother. It took a little while but he absolutely loves his little brother and is so helpful.

Liz - March 15, 2017

Love this! I had 4 kids under 4 years and was nervous about adding another kiddo each time. You worry for nothing! Each one has a love for each sibling that is unique and beautiful. ❤️

Liz - March 15, 2017

Love this! I have three kids as well – 4.5, almost 3, and 7 months. The love each one has for each sibling is unique and beautiful. You worry so much about adding another baby to the family but it’s always worry for nothing. ❤️

Mallory - March 15, 2017

I love this! You hit the nail on the head – there’s nothing sweeter than seeing the love between (or among) your kiddos. Our two girls are 16 months apart. When I found out I was pregnant with our second I felt so guilty I was robbing our older daughter of her only child status so soon. Much to my surprise though, she immediately took to her little sister and absolutely adores her. Seeing her love on her baby sister makes my heart burst. I know that I didn’t rob her of anything; I blessed her with a lifelong best friend.

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