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Christmas Crafts! - Bannor Toys

Christmas Crafts!

Christmas time is coming soon! YAY!!! I know it is only November, but Christmas starts early here at the shop and it is hard to not celebrate early. We got our two little helpers, Charis and Eli, to assist us with these crafts. They were simple and quick to do which leaves time for more crafts or other holiday traditions you may have. Here we go!

Popsicle Stick Christmas Crafts (Star or Tree)

Materials Needed:

⭐ Yellow and Green Popsicle Sticks (You can use plain popsicle sticks, but you will want to color them with markers or paint them)

⭐ Yellow and/or Green Markers or Paint (Only needed if using plain popsicle sticks)

⭐ Scissors

⭐ Glue Gun

⭐ Craft Twine



🌲 Have your children decide if they would like to make a tree or a star. They can always make both, but you may just want to start with one. 

🌲 If you are using plain popsicle sticks, you will want your children to color or paint them first so they can dry before assembling. Green for the tree and yellow for the star. 

🌲 Have your children lay out the popsicle sticks to make their tree or star. (If your child chose the tree, you will want to help them cut the popsicle sticks to the correct lengths to make the tree.) By laying it all out before, they can see exactly where they need to place the glue.

🌲 Start gluing! Charis is 9 years old and has used the hot glue gun before, so we let her do her thing. Eli hadn't used a hot glue gun before. We discussed the safety of a hot glue gun and I helped him do the gluing per his request. (If you have a different type of glue you would like to use, go for it!) We also talked about how "a dot is a lot" when it comes to glue!

🌲 Once they are all done gluing the popsicle sticks together into their design, they can then decide if they would like to make it an ornament or just keep it as it is. If they'd like to make it an ornament, all they have to do is flip it over and glue some craft twine to the top!
🌲 They are all done! Feel free to let them make more to give as gifts if they'd like! If they made an ornament and your tree is up already (mine isn't.....but I really wish it was), go ahead and let them hang it on the tree!
These two were pretty proud of themselves...and they should be! They did a great job making these simple crafts!  We hope your little ones enjoy it too! If your family made these, let us know in the comments! 


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Christina Denekas - December 17, 2020

Thanks for the idea Mardi!! We’re going to be doing these today. :)

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