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Family Night! - Bannor Toys

Family Night!

Our summer has been crazy busy and it has been hard to find family time, which we feel is a high priority! Our children are 16, 13 and 10 and our summer has been full. Our oldest has worked at our church camp all summer (just finished last week), we have all been at camp for a week while my husband spoke, watched baseball games, had band lessons, went swimming, church activities, sports camps, worked, gardened, and on and on....just like most families! Finding time to really focus on our family has been hard (especially when one has been gone most of the summer). BUT it is still a huge priority to us so here are some ideas of family activities/games to help you connect with your family!

Here are some of our family's favorite games: 

Uno Flip

This takes the original Uno to a whole new level! The cards are double sided so you can be right in the middle of playing and all of a sudden you have to flip the cards to different colors and different challenges. This is a quick but fun game that our family loves to play! The manufacturer states that it is for ages 3 and up! 

The Game of Life

This is an oldie, but a goodie! When we have a big chunk of our day free, we enjoy setting up The Game Of Life! It does take longer than other games, but we don't mind! It is always fun to see who has the most kids at the end!! The manufacturer states its for ages 8 and up. 

Monopoly Voice Banking

Monopoly Voice Banking has been a great new addition to our board games! While you can play Monopoly with out the addition of electronics, this does make it a little more fun. This edition takes out the need for keeping track of your cash, as it does it for you! Plus, our kids love to mimic the voice of Mr. Monopoly! Manufacturer's recommended age is 8 and up, but I feel younger kids could play on a "team" with someone older. 

Here are some of our favorite activities:

Disc Golf

Over the last year or so our family has enjoyed playing disc golf. We are lucky enough to have a course about 2 blocks from our house! Our course was destroyed by the derecho that hit our community almost a year ago, but members of our community did some fundraising and labor to get a new course back up and running. We have purchased discs from Amazon and they don't have to cost a lot. As with anything, there is a wide variety of discs and cost. You can choose what works best for your family. 

Movie Nights

We also love to have movie nights at home. The theater is great to go to, but to be honest, taking a family of 5 can get pretty expensive. With all of the online streaming options and Redbox, you can easily find a movie to flip on and snuggle in for the night. We usually have a special snack, whether homemade or store bought, and just relax! It is a great way to wind down with the whole family! 

Get Outside

We have a variety of yard games that we love to play: Cornhole, Yard Yahtzee, Giant 4-in-a-row and Giant Jenga! When the weather isn't blazing hot, (like it is right now!) we love to spend time outside! We play any of these games or we also play kickball or wiffleball! We love to be outside!! 

Comment below what you and your family like to do for Family Nights!


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Lauren Miller - July 29, 2021

We love uno!!! And we also play a lot of horse racing game. There is a company locally in st. Louis, MO (across the board) that makes a beautiful horse racing board.

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