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Free USA Shipping on orders of $50+
Educational Collection!! - Bannor Toys

Educational Collection!!

We are launching an Educational Line on
Wednesday, July 19 at 9am cst.
Here are all of the NEW items:
**Tracing Boards**
Fine motor development in children is extremely important. We offer three different tracing boards. Two of the boards you have seen before as Bannor Limited Items and we are excited to offer them as part of the educational lineup.
Path Tracing
The first board I want to talk about is a new one. Our Path tracing board is perfect for those just starting to really work their fine motor skills. It provides 4 different paths (2 on front/2 on back) for your child to use. They can take the wooden “pencil” and trace the paths. Encourage them to go slow so they stay on the path as much as possible. This helps strengthen the muscles in their fingers and hands and arms which will all help as they begin to write.
Shape/Number Tracing
The next board is our Shape and Number tracing board. This is a former Bannor Limited Item. It has 8 basic shapes on one side and numbers 0-9 on the other. This also comes with a wooden “pencil”.
Alphabet Tracing
The last tracing board we have is our Alphabet Tracing Board which was also a past Limited Item. It has half of the alphabet in lowercase letters on one side and the other half on the same side and includes a “pencil”.
Depending on the fine motor skills of your child, we would recommend you begin with the Path tracing and work up to the shape/numbers and then letters as they each increase a little in difficulty levels.
Do more than just trace though!   Get creative doing crayon rubbings over the shapes or putting the same number of beads in each of the numbers or think of items that start with each letter on the Alphabet board. These tracing boards will help make learning fun! 
Age? 3 and up
**CVC Board** - 39.99 (26 tiles included)
Consonant – Vowel-Consonant
Examples of CVC words are cat, hot, tip, cup, ten.
CVC words help children with reading, writing and rhyming. Teaching CVC words introduces students to the magic of transforming simple sounds into words and is an integral part of any pre-reading program. If your child has a strong knowledge of letter sounds, then feel free to introduce them to CVC words. The goal is for children to use their knowledge of individual letter sounds to blend those sounds together and create a whole word, not just three individual sounds. Children can say each letters sound and then blend all of the sounds together to form the word. Once they are doing this very well, it is fun to teach them how much a word can change by just changing ONE letter! Included with the CVC board is a card that has examples of many CVC words.
Age? – 4-6 depending where they are at with their letters and sounds….could be younger or older.
**Counting Frame and Felt Balls**
This counting frame is to help with the beginning math skill of counting. Each board is made from beech wood and is extremely durable. Each board has 25 spots on it that will help them with 1-1 correspondence and to count by 1’s and 5’s. You can get more than one board and that will help them count by 10’s. Use some small items you have at home, or purchase our felt balls. We have 2 different sets that we are offering: The Bannor Set and the Bold Set. They can also make patterns!
Besides counting, your child will work on fine motor skills as they pick up the balls (or other items) and put them in each spot.
Age? Preschool to 1-2 grade
**Math Board**
This board is to help develop early math skills. Each board comes with circle tiles to make simple addition and subtraction problems.  This set comes with numbers to get your child adding numbers to 20 and subtracting from 10. Round tiles are for the two numbers they are adding or subtracting and the square tiles are for the answers. You can also purchase an expansion pack with higher numbers that let you add to 40 and subtract from 20.
You can also offer small manipulatives (dried beans, macaroni noodles, beads, etc.) for your child to use with this board. They can place a few in one circle, more in another, count them all and then put that total in the square.
If your child isn’t quite ready for adding and subtracting, you could still use this board to help them with identifying numbers and matching items with that number. Ex – give them the tile with the number 6 on it, have them identify it and then count out that many beads to match the number.
Age? 5-7 – as with all of our educational toys, these ages are just a suggestion as each child is different and they each learn at different rates.
**Money Tray**
Another important math skill is identifying and counting money. We use money every single day so it is incredibly important that our children know how to identify and count it.
The 4 circular spots are engraved with the coin names and their value. Children can start by just learning what each coin is called and what it looks like by sorting. Once they have that down, you can give them a random amount of change, have them sort it and count it. You can also give them some change and then write down a certain amount, for example, $2.43, and have them count the coins to make that amount. Counting money helps them develop the skill of counting on. Use it in a way that is best for your child and where they are at in the learning process. (Coins are not included.)
Age? Preschool and up
We are very excited to offer Tangrams. I personally remember spending time playing with Tangrams and designing many different items. Tangrams are extremely important to teach children about spatial relationships, problem solving, hand/eye coordination, and creativity! Our Tangrams come with a pamphlet that has 20 ideas for different shapes that can be made, but don’t just stop there….let their imaginations take over and see what else they can come up with.
There are rules with Tangrams:
All 7 pieces must be used
The pieces should all be flat (no overlapping)
Pieces may be rotated/flipped
Age? 5 and up
**Felt Alphabet Letters**
Please note this is a PREORDER!   Alphabet sets ordered by July 31, will ship by the end of August.   Please note that if you order other items with these pre-order letters your entire order will wait to ship together. Perfect for letter recognition, spelling, and making learning fun!   Set includes 26 Capital letters in 5 colors, hand stitched in Nepal from 100% natural New Zeeland wool, made with azo-free dye.  Letters are approximately 3" tall and 1/3" thick.   They come in a cloth drawstring bag for easy carrying and storage.  
Age? Toddler – Preschool and up
**Weather Matching **
We have added a weather matching game to the educational section as well. This is a 24 piece set that has pictures of different types of weather that your children can match and you can discuss the weather and what it does.
Age? 3 and up
**Solar System Matching**
This is also a 24 piece set with planets (Pluto is now a dwarf planet), meteors, the sun, and the moon. Enjoy teaching your child about the solar system while you play! It should be fun to hear the little ones say some of the planet names!
 Age? 3 and up
**Capital/Lowercase Matching** 
Another matching game we are adding is our Capital/lowercase matching game. Help your child match up their letters with this fun game! Included are all 26 letters in capital and lowercase.
Age? 3 or 4 and up – all depends on when they really start learning their letters.
**Cursive Matching Tiles**
This is very similar to the Capital/lowercase matching set, but this one is in cursive! Included are all 26 letters in capital and lowercase and all in cursive writing.
Age? – 2nd-3rd grade and up (Here in Madrid, Iowa they teach cursive in 3rd grade)
**State/Capital Matching Tiles**
This is a LARGE set that includes all 50 states and their corresponding capital as well as the US and its capital! You could always break it down into smaller areas/regions to make it simpler while your child is learning. The state tile includes a laser engraved picture of the state as well as its name and its matching tile is the capital.
Age? My children have always started working on States and their Capitals in Fourth grade here in Madrid, but I am sure each school/state is different! My research shows anywhere from 3rd-6th grade.
**State Blocks**
This 50 block set is absolutely beautiful! It is lasered on 4 sides, one block per state. Each side contains different information about each state: State outline with abbreviation, capital, state flower and state bird. And it comes with a guide that tells you the name of the flower and bird and includes a picture of the state flag.
Age? Blocks can be for all ages, but the content is for school aged kids.

Shop our Educational Line Up HERE!

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