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Eli's Big Boy Room Makeover! - Bannor Toys

Eli's Big Boy Room Makeover!

Eli turned 4 in February and we decided it was time to make his room more about him!   Truth be told, we never really "did" his room, there was nothing hanging on the wall, toys everywhere, it was dark, and the only theme was the Thomas bedding we found....that he hated sleeping with.  Go figure, right?  
So we painted it white!   4 coats of white paint to be exact, and wow did it make it bright.   Eli is into a lot of different things and themes, but we thought the best one would just be BRIGHT and colorful!   

Bed Frame and Mattress from The Novogratz.   (We adore the Novograzt, this bed just confirms it!)

Amazing Map and polka dots from The Lovely Wall Co. (Incredibly easy to put up and they come off super vinyl decals I've every seen!)

Animal Prints from Gingiber. (Seriously, the detail is amazing!)  

Metal E from Hobby Lobby

Dolls from Candy Kirby + Cuddle and Kind + Hazel Village.  

Plush Blanket from Saranoni. (So soft and so plush, he won't sleep without it!)

Gotta Go, Buffalo Book from Lucy Darling

Bedding from Target

Wall shelves:  Mom made!  

 He has yet to sleep under the covers...he will only sleep with the Saranoni blanket, and we're ok with that!

Nugget Comfort has the BEST modular couches, he has loads of fun building forts....we've added 2 more nuggets to our collection since the shoot!  

Shelf bins from Land of Nod.  

ABC Bin from Pehr Designs

Curtains from Target. 

Abacus from IKEA


One on one time playing matching games and puzzles!

The rooms a disaster by the end of the day, but were working on those cleaning up skills.

 It wouldn't be a room shoot without all his babies!  

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