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Father's Day is Coming! - Bannor Toys

Father's Day is Coming!

Father's Day is June 21, 2020 (it's right around the corner!) and we have compiled a list of ideas that you can make with your children to give the man who does so much! Whether this be for Dad, Grandpa, or another special man in you and your kids' life, you can make this day awesome for him with these ideas. 


How adorable is this?! Make a simple and heartwarming craft with some paint and some cardstock (or a canvas). For other craft ideas with hand prints or foot prints, check out this site


I always loved seeing my husband through the eyes of my kids. For this idea, go to and get this free printable. Let your child draw their dad and then you can frame it and give it to him. This is something you can do each year to see not only growth in your child's fine motor skills and artistry, but also to see how their dad changes from year to least how your kids see the changes! 


My favorite tradition for our family is handprints out of clay. Each year my kids look forward to making these for their dad. We use Crayola Air Dry Clay. My husband has them all hanging up in his office (except one or two that were broke when his ceiling collapsed....😩). My husband isn't surprised by them anymore, but he looks forward to hanging the new ones up to see how much the kids have grown. 


Take some time to make this day super special for that incredible guy. Make him his favorite meal (or find a new one to try), go do one of his favorite activities, or just sit back and relax as a family. No matter what, he will feel loved! If you would like more Father's Day ideas, please check out our Father's Day Pinterest Board




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