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Grandparent's Day - September 13, 2020 - Bannor Toys

Grandparent's Day - September 13, 2020

Grandparents are easily some of the best people to walk this earth! They have survived raising their own kids, so now they can enjoy their grandbabies! Grandparents get to spoil their grandkids....and then send them home!! They do so much for us parents, that it is important that we remember to celebrate them at least once a year on Grandparents Day! This year that is Sunday, September 13.

We have put together some ideas for gifts that you can make with your children and then hand deliver or mail to their grandparents. Spend some time crafting with your kiddos to show appreciation to those fantastic grandparents!!

Grandparent Coloring Page has some adorable coloring pages that would be cute to have your kids color (no matter what age they are) and fill out reasons why they love Grandma and Grandpa. She also has individual pages for Grandmas and Grandpas. They are adorable and simple. These could be fun to do year to year to see how your children's view of their grandparents changes as they grow. 


"I Love Grandma Because" Flower

This wonderful idea is from With some construction paper, scissors, markers and a glue stick you can make a special card for Grandma and Grandpa that they will love and can keep for a long time. 

Distant Hugs

This next one is my favorite! We made these at our house in late March when we were unable to see the kids' grandparents for an extended period of time. We were all missing each other and just needed some hugs. So we made these....

We took pictures of our kids with their arms out like they were giving a hug, printed them out and cut around their bodies. We let each kiddo then draw and cut their own "big" arms and glue them on there. Our kids are 15, 13, and 9 so they were able to do most of this on their own so younger ones might need some extra help. Once they had everything glued together, the kids loved them and so did I....I should've made them make one for me to keep!! I packaged them up and sent them off to their grandparents and everyone loved the hugs. It was a great way to send our love from afar!


Grandparents are unsung heroes. They deserve special treatment for everything they do for us! Let's celebrate them with some fun crafts that you will enjoy doing with your kids and the grandparents will love to receive! 

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