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Hobby Mama! - Bannor Toys

Hobby Mama!

It’s Hobby Time!


I know what you’re thinking. “I don’t have time to have a hobby!” Actually, you likely already have a hobby.  It just might not be an intentional one!


Google defines “hobby” as “an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.” But I’m going to take it one step further and say “an intentional activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.” You see, scrolling social media *could* be a hobby by the first definition, but is likely to leave you drained instead of energized after you are done.  Falling asleep while watching a movie and then feeling guilty for the nap you clearly needed *could* feel frustrating, but flip that script and call napping your hobby and now you’re feeling productive!


Choosing an intentional hobby has SO many benefits!  Last year, I read the book That Sounds Fun: The Joys of Being an Amateur, the Power of Falling in Love, and Why You Need a Hobby by Annie F. Downs and was amazed at how badly I needed to insert a little fun into my life! Especially as a mom of little kids, it can be incredibly easy to get into a rhythm of changing diapers, cleaning the kitchen, pushing through a load of laundry, getting everyone to sleep, repeat. If we aren’t intentional about injecting a little fun into our lives, it’s not likely to happen by accident!

That Sounds Fun


Creating a hobby doesn’t have to be just for you, though I do encourage you to find your own! A hobby could also be something you do with your kiddos.  Maybe you download the Geocaching app and look for geocaches in your town once a week while your littlest babe naps in the stroller and your big kids hunt down the treasure.  Maybe you sign up for a fun food course and once a month you get to experiment with a new dish.  Maybe your hobby is reading through a popular book series and then watching the movie together as a family.  These are all ideas you can do with even the littlest of babes at home!


For myself, I’ve found that having a hobby has had incredible positive impacts on my mental health.  In 2020, I picked up cross-stitching again after having set it down for several years.  My family jested with me, commenting on what an old lady I was when I would be cross-stitching at family dinners, around the campfire, at the coffee house, at church, pretty much anywhere I would be sitting idly for a period of time.  I’d always tease back that my time was certainly better spent doing needlework like an old lady than it was doom-scrolling my phone! And they agreed!


Shortly after I picked up cross-stitching, a group of friends and myself started meeting together once a week to watch trashy reality TV.  And while we were all piled on couches, I’d be doing my needlework.  Pretty soon, one-by-one, each gal picked up a similar hobby.  Embroidery, crochet, knitting. We now call ourselves the “Senior Citizen Craft Club” and thoroughly enjoy our this time.  We had fun before, but now that we have a shared hobby, we’re even further knit together. (See what I did there?)


If you’re still feeling like you have no idea where to start, try some of these suggested hobbies from our Bannor Toys Collective on Facebook.


Needlework - 

“I LOVE to cross-stitch. My mind calms best when my hands are busy doing something and there's something methodical & beautiful about needle point and I love it so much! I'll go through seasons where I'll stitch while listening to an episode of my favorite show each night for weeks - and then I won't touch my project again for weeks etc. I'm a needlework nerd!” - Kami M.


“I love to crochet! Occasionally I get commissions but it is mostly to just pay for more personal supplies.” - Ashley L.



Napping - 

“I have a lot of baskets of "thought would be a hobby, turns out I like to nap in my 'spare' time".....cross stitch, crochet, knitting, stained glass, day I wont be so tired.” - Stacey B.


Gardening - 

“This summer I got into gardening! A few weeks ago my husband built me an enclosed vegetable garden to keep the critters out, so I have big garden plans for next year!” - Jessica K.


“Growing herbs that we use.” - Christy M.


Baking - 

“I got into making bread lately.  It’s like having a fourth child because you have to feed the starter dough to prevent it from dying but so worth the taste and smell!” - Barbora P.

homemade bread


Painting - 

“I’ve been also been loving acrylic painting in my free time. I search for inspiration on Pinterest and then just paint away!” - Kayla R.


Music - 

“Playing guitar. After twenty years of playing (taught myself a little) I finally signed up for some lessons over the summer.” - Erica M.


Other - 

“Refinishing furniture.” - Rachel C.


“I’ve had my fair share of hobbies (oil painting, embroidery, screen printing, stamp making, candle making, soap making) but what I have time for and enjoy right now is baking, sewing and knitting. And shopping online.” - Justine B.


“I love making wreaths!” - Heather K.

 homemade wreaths

“Learn to draw books! Preparing for all the ‘mommy, can you draw me ____’ questions.” - Maghan M..


“I enjoy reading and spending time sorting our pictures into a yearly family album." - Ellen R.


“Reading, puzzles, anything creative, sewing bereavement diapers and blankets for local hospitals.” - Kelsey C.


Children & Grandchildren - 

“My hobby is buying cute clothes for my toddler.” - Abbie L.


“My grandchild are my hobby. They take my extra time and money.”  - Jane M.


“Is wiping baby booty a hobby? Because I do a lot of that in my house!” - Sarah M.



Tell us about your hobbies in the comments below! We could all use more ideas!


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