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Let's have a birthday PARTY!! - Bannor Toys

Let's have a birthday PARTY!!

This month Bannor Toys is celebrating 10 years! In honor of their birthday, I wanted to share some of our favorite birthday traditions! I love to celebrate my son and give him wonderful memories from his special day each year! 
 🎉 We start the celebrations with balloons! When my child was younger I used to fill his bedroom floor with balloons for him to wake up to, now that I don’t want to risk waking him, I decorate his bedroom door and the hallway outside his room. He loves this tradition and always has a blast playing with the balloons first thing in the morning!
🎉 The birthday banner! We have a Happy Birthday banner that was used as decor at my sons first birthday party, and it is tradition to hang it on the mantle and take his photo with it every year! I love looking back and seeing how he has grown each year. 
🎉 A special dinner! This is a tradition we have for every family member's birthday. At our house the person whose birthday it is gets to pick the menu for dinner; home cooked, take out, or dining out. It’s always fun seeing what a toddler chooses! 
🎉 Birthday Cake! No birthday celebration is complete in our family without a cake or special dessert. Sometimes they are homemade, and sometimes we order from a bakery. My son usually likes when I make his cake because he likes helping! Last year he had a construction themed cake and I surprised him by putting little toy diggers on top and he still talks about that cake! We always get a special number candle and sing Happy Birthday! 
🎉 Our newest birthday tradition is doing a birthday interview. We started this last year and it’s definitely added to our birthday to-do list! I found a template online and printed it on my home printer. I laminated the paper so it won’t get crinkled and I will eventually turn the pages into a keepsake! 
How do you celebrate birthdays at your house? I’d love to hear your traditions so please comment below!
Happy 10th Birthday Bannor Toys! 


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