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May Day! - Bannor Toys

May Day!

Think back to your childhood....remember making May Day baskets and taking them to neighbors and friends on May 1? You'd set them on their door step, knock or ring the doorbell and then run like crazy and hope you wouldn't get caught! It used to be that if you got would get kissed!! I am not sure if that is still the way the tradition is done today, but it is still a fun and easy way to spread some love to those around you!! Take a look at some ideas of how to make baskets and even how to make your own May Day Pole that your family can dance around!


Your baskets can range from homemade to a cup you buy at the store. Here are a couple of simple ideas for homemade baskets. 

The website Sewing Rabbit has a great idea to make the paper basket below. You need 12X12 cardstock, scissors, ruler and staples. You can click the link for directions.


Another option for a basket is a paper plate basket. Welcome To Nana's shows how to make them! 


You can always go the easy route and buy some disposable cups from the store along with some pipe cleaners or a small piece of paper to use for the handle. There are many different options for can do what works best for your family!

Now, as for what to put in your baskets. There are a billion ideas! Candy, popcorn, flowers (homemade or real), small trinkets, cookies, snack crackers, fruit snacks....the possibilities are endless!! Let your children choose and watch them have a blast while filling the baskets. 

Once they are full and ready to deliver, enjoy the time with your kids as they giggle and laugh while leaving them on their friends' doorsteps. My memory of this part of my childhood is still one that fills me with joy!


May Pole

I don't remember having a May Pole tradition when I was a kid, but I think that is a fun tradition that could be done today. If you have a basketball hoop, you could use crepe paper streamers or ribbon. Carefully use a ladder and attach the streamers up high and then you can all take a streamer/ribbon (or two) and dance around to see what kind of design you can make. You can be particular to get a certain look or just go crazy and have fun! Don't forget to take pictures of your pole to help you remember all of the fun! 

If you don't have a way to make a May Day Pole that you can physically dance around, what about a miniature version with cupcakes?! Check out Cheery Kitchen's idea!

The creative folks at tells us what they used to make these adorable cupcakes! 

May Day celebrations may seem old fashioned, but I think they are something that can cause us to take time and be with our children and spread some love and joy to friends and neighbors. I am hopeful that these ideas will help your family celebrate this year!


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