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Must Have Educational Items! - Bannor Toys

Must Have Educational Items!

In July of 2021, Bannor Toys wanted to find a way to reach parents of older children, so we launched our Educational Line. Over the last year we have added many items to the collection and I just want to take a little time to highlight a few of them, especially a couple of new ones! 

Our very first educational items were our tracing boards. We currently offer 3 tracing boards (2 on our website and one on our Etsy Store, links below). We have an alphabet board, numbers/shapes board, and a lines/patterns tracing board. These are all perfect for fine motor development as well as letter, number and shape recognition. 

alphabet tracing board
numbers shapes tracing board

 We recently launched our Ruler Activity Tray! As a former teacher, I love this item! Children can easily measure just about any item they'd like! This is great for elementary kids and older, but could be used earlier depending on your child's learning level. Have your child collect items from around the house and line them up in the slot and measure them. The numbers are easy to read and the items won't roll off the tray! 

Ruler Activity Tray

The last item I would like to discuss is our newest launch....Our Life Cycle Board. I am a visual learner and this just makes my heart happy! Children can clearly see how the life cycle works. You can choose to add the plant tiles (bean, apple, crocus flower), animal tiles (butterfly, chicken, fish), or a set of acrlic tiles and a dry erase marker for the kids to make their own. You can also do a combination of all of the tiles! This is a great science activity for curious learners! 

Life Cycle Board

These items are just a few of our educational items that are offered. To see our entire line up please click here

If you have any questions about our educational items (or any other item on our website), please email us at We are more than happy to help!


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