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Rainy Day FUN! - Bannor Toys

Rainy Day FUN!

Spring in the Midwest can be rainy and soggy, but there is still fun to be had. One of my favorite memories from growing up was a day when it had rained....A LOT and the ditch in front of our house filled with water. Our family and many friends played in that ditch for a long time! Splashing, giggling, and dunking each other. It is the BEST memory full of lots of joy!

I know that rainy days are hard, but here are a few ideas of some fun to be had inside and even outside in the rainy season!

Make Play-doh

Unfortunately, my kids are getting older and playing with play-doh isn't their top choice, so I reached out to the Mama's in our Facebook group, Bannor Toys Collective, for some tried and true homemade play-doh recipes. Give one of these a try when the weather doesn't cooperate!


Tina G. shared this recipe with us and it has been used for three generations in her family! It doesn't get any more tried and true than that!! Tina also mentioned that when it begins to dry out months later, you can knead some water back into it and it is refreshed and ready for more hours of play!

Cara R. shared that they have made Moon Dough which is a bit softer than play-doh and has the added benefits of smelling good and it makes your hands soft! Plus, it's simple! Just mix 1/2 cup conditioner, 1 cup corn starch and some food coloring! That's it!! (Cara also mentions that you can add one tablespoon of conditioner or corn starch at a time to adjust the consistency as needed.) 

Play-doh is great for strengthening the muscles in kids' hands and there are so many other things you can do with it, as well! You can explore what happens when you mix colors or have a treasure hunt where your child can find small objects hidden in the play-doh. You can also have your child practice their cutting skills. Have them use child safe scissors and let them cut pieces of play-doh. 


Perform a Puppet Show

Most children love puppets! When I used to teach I had a special frog puppet that would come visit the kids from time to time and they LOVED it when he came to visit! The best part, is that you don't have to have fancy puppets for kids to enjoy this. Make some paper bag puppets or puppets from socks that don't have matches (because the dryer ate it!). Keep it simple. This doesn't have to be extravagant. Maybe put on a show for your kids and then have them put one on for you! 


Build with Marshmallows and Toothpicks

Who knew you could have so much fun with toothpicks and marshmallows!! Just set them out on the table and let them explore. See what they come up with. Really no instructions are necessary! And if you don't have toothpicks, raw spaghetti noodles will work too!! If you have older kids that want a challenge, just search the internet for "marshmallow and toothpick challenge" and you will find lots of links for different challenges!

Draw Pictures to Give Away

Rainy days can be hard on everyone. Why not bring a little sunshine to someone else? Have your littles draw or color pictures for a neighbor, friend or a local care facility. And if you are able to, deliver them that day. It will bring joy not only to the recipient, but also to you and your family!


Splash in the Puddles

When all else fails (and the weather isn't severe), go splash in the puddles! Put some older clothes on everyone. Dress in layers if it is chilly, but just go have fun! And you (yes, YOU Mom and Dad), go jump in those puddles too. Let your worries just disappear as you have fun with your kids. They will love it....and so will you! And it just might be a memory that will last forever!


Let us know in the comments below if you have any other activities that you and your family do on rainy days!!




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