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Small Shop Spotlight- Mint & Birch - Bannor Toys

Small Shop Spotlight- Mint & Birch

Here at Bannor Toys we truly believe in small businesses doing big things!  Each Monday we will give you the chance to get to know one of our favorites.  Today we would like to introduce you to Jessica of Mint & Birch.  I can tell you as a mama a piece of jewelry makes me feel so special.  I feel extra special when my jewelry can tell a part of my story.  That's exactly what Jessica does at Mint & Birch- she tells stories through her jewelry.  You are sure to relate to this entrepreneur as she shares with you how she balances running a small shop and her home.  Please say hello to Mint & Birch...



Name: Jessica

Who's in your family: My husband, myself and our three kids aged 3, 9 months and 5

Favorite way to spend your free time: Spending our time outside! And if I’m going to be honest- binge watching Netflix shows!

Age when you started your business: I was 23! 

Tell us about your business in 3 sentences: Our goal is to celebrate stories through jewelry. We create hand-stamped jewelry that is hand cut in our studio out of thick sheets of gold fill. We also create nest necklaces to include the number of “eggs” of choice to correspond with birthstones and number of children or loved ones you want represented!

What made you start your business, what did you leave behind: I left behind dreams of going back to school. We started having kids right out of university, and my original plan was to go back to school eventually. Now, my business is a very big part of my future. 

 What has been the most effective way of raising awareness of your business and getting new customers/expanding your audience: Genuine connections and word of mouth advertising!

Single most important decision you've made for your business: Hiring help for packaging, hands down. With hands on board to do this very mundane, behind the scenes task, we can focus more on designing and creating! 

Something about you not many people know, business or personal:  I make everything by myself! I have decided not to outsource any of the hand making out at the moment. 

If you could go back to the day your business started (whether it was intentional or by accident), and have 15min with your former self to communicate any lessons you've acquired with the intention of saving yourself mistakes and heart ache, what would you tell yourself?

I would tell myself that it important to never forget why I started my business. Is it to make money? Is it to celebrate stories? Is it because you love creating for people? Never forget why you love what it is that you do, and never lose sight of that. Owning a business has huge financial benefits- but it has to be so much  more than that, especially if it means that it takes away from family time. Let it be your outlet, and let it be a place for you to share your heart and foster a sense of community. If you forget why you love what you do, it is easy to be pulled down by the tougher aspects of running a business. Learn to adapt to the ever changing market, but always be true to yourself. And most importantly, don’t measure your success based on the numbers you think you should be reaching. Actually, don’t measure success. Let success chase you, and the best way to do that is to let your heart drive your business. 

How did you distinguish yourself from your competitors? We work hard to create extra luxurious bar necklaces, and we have created a special way of weaving our nest necklaces! We also look for unique designs, and some of our new designs are exclusive to us and have been hand drawn specifically for us based on our vision! 

Best piece of advice you've gotten that you still follow?  

Take time to unwind to avoid burnout! 

My favorite quotes is… “be the change you wish to see in the world.”

The biggest lesson I have ever learned is… “hire help for those things that you are willing to give up control on so you can have more time to do the things you love.”

My favorite business tool or resource is… collaborating!

If I could go back in time 10 years ago I would tell myself…   people say mean things, and do mean things, and this world can be mean- but don’t take it personally. Don’t feel like you need to change so that people love you. Be yourself and you will naturally attract and find your tribe. 

Where can we find you? 


Aren't Jessica's pieces beautiful?  You can feel how much love goes into each and every single piece of jewelry she makes.  Here's your chance to get your hands on one of her beautiful custom cuffs.  Jessica is offering our readers a $30 shop credit towards a custom cuff, and we are going to match it with a $30 shop credit to Bannor Toys.  To enter follow the steps below.  


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Natalie Q - October 9, 2016

My favorite is the My heart is full necklace :)

Bridget Montgomery - October 5, 2016

I love the bar necklaces- especially you are my sunshine!

Brandy G - October 5, 2016

Your stuff is beautiful. I love the nest necklace and the mamail bear. So sweet.

Lauren D - October 5, 2016

The little nest necklace is so sweet! I also love that there’s an option to customize everything, so many beautiful pieces!

April Taylor - October 5, 2016

The FOREVER Mama Triangle necklace is my favorite. I love the story behind it’s design.

Erica - October 5, 2016

I love the sterling silver customizable triangles!

W - October 5, 2016

I like the brass cuff

Ariel VonCannon - October 5, 2016

What an awesome giveaway! Thank you for sharing this amazing jewelry shop with us!

Onyinye Elochukwu - October 5, 2016

I love love the bar necklace?.

Jackie Gee - October 5, 2016

I like the ONE-NAME small Single sided necklace.

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