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Snow Fun! - Bannor Toys

Snow Fun!

Snow Fun!

So much fun can be had in the winter, no matter where you live or what age you are! The snowman below was built by three 30-40 year old women! Our family of five loves to play in the snow! We love snowball fights, making snow angels, building forts, and making snow men! Building snowmen and other snow sculptures are our favorite snow activities. 

Here is a guide on how to build the best snowman in your town!

Step 1: Snow that is perfect for building

Everyone knows that snow can fall in many different types: it can be dry and fluffy, wet and slushy, or just the perfect combination. You are looking for snow that is the perfect combination because it will be easy pack together and form into the big snow balls. 

Dry, fluffy snow that won't hold together, won't make the best snowman. 

Photo Credit: SNOWiz Terminology

Snow that is just wet enough and will hold its shape when packed together is perfect for making your sculpture.

Photo Credit: SNOWiz Terminology

Step 2: Start forming

Start by making a snowball. Try to make it somewhat big so that you can start to roll it around. Keep rolling until it is the size you would like. The first one you roll will be your biggest one for the bottom of your snowman. 

Find a flat place for your snow man to live and put your bottom ball on that spot. Roll your other two balls, making each one smaller than the one before. After they are rolled, lift them and place them on top of each other. Work as a team to lift them! Pack some snow in between each ball so that they won't fall. 

Roll your balls to form the body.

Photo Credit: Readers Digest

Stack them on top of each other to form your snowman. Work together as a family to stack them on top....snow is heavier than you think!

Photo Credit: Depositphotos

Keep going until you have 3 snowballs stacked.

Photo Credit: Los Alamos Daily Post

Step 3: Shape your snowman

Smooth out any lumps and bumps by rubbing your hands over them. Keep smoothing until you get it how you'd like it to look. 

Step 4: Dress and decorate 

Now for the fun part. Dress and decorate! Traditionally, you can use sticks for arms, a carrot for the nose, charcoal for eyes, buttons down his belly, a hat, scarf and some mittens. You can buy a Colovis 16 pc Snowman Decorating Kit or this snowman kit from WildBluYonder if you'd like and have everything you need in one place. 

The great part is that you can decorate it however you'd like! Make it a rock star, a famous celebrity, a cartoon character.....the possibilities are endless!! One year my kids decorated their snowman to look like their Grandpa Marty....including a Hawaiian shirt and flip flops!

Once you are done decorating, just enjoy your creation! Discuss with your family how he changes as the weather changes, what is the first decoration to fall off as it melts, when will it fall completely over, or will it? Sneak some learning into all of this fun!

Other snow sculptures

You can get creative with snow. Your can make just about anything with snow. Our family decided to make our last name out of snow and color it as well (my husband is super creative)! For the color, we just used cheap dollar store spray bottles filled with water and a few drops of food coloring.

We have also made a less traditional snowman where we used 5 gallon buckets and various sizes of tubs.

We decorated him with items that our kids found in the toy box: a baseball helmet, tennis balls, and fruit cereal for the mouth!!

One of my favorite snow builds that we did was a fort! We used Ideal Sno-Brick Makers and filled in all of the gaps to make it stronger. Our family had an absolute blast making this one!

Our kids even went and got our lawn chairs and set them up inside so we could all have a place to relax!

Don't get snow where you live?

There are some people who live where there isn't snow (I am envious of you!!), but there are still ways that you can enjoy making snowmen with your family. WildBluYonder has a Felt Snowman Play Set that you can use on your wall that is really cute! You can also have fun with food! Grab some marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, licorice laces and pretzels and start building! Grab some Play-Doh and see what you can come up with! The possibilities are endless!

Your imagination can run wild when it comes to snow! There are so many options, whether you have real snow to play in or not. Get creative and have fun!! The memories you make will be priceless!!


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Mardi Peasley
Wife, mom of three, and Shop Manager at Bannor Toys

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