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Memorial Day Weekend always seems like the true start of summer to me. It makes me want to jump in our friends' pool, get out the water guns and balloons, or have a water fight while attempting to wash our van! Did you notice a theme there? Water!!! Our family loves to play in and with water! Check out some great ideas to create some fun!

Drip, Drip, Drop!

Drip drip drop outdoor water game

Remember playing the classic game, Duck, Duck, Goose? Now play it with water! Circle up as a family and have one person be it. They walk around with a cup or a sponge filled with water and say, "Drip, Drip" while pouring a tiny amount of water onto the heads of those sitting down. Then when they are ready they yell, "Drop" and dump the rest of the water on someone!! Then that person becomes it. Keep going until everyone is soaked!! 

Squirt Guns

Squirt Gun Painting

photo credit:

Everyone knows how much fun and joy can be had with a water fight with squirt guns, but have you ever thought about painting with them? You can use squirt guns or if you'd prefer, you can use squirt bottles...either will work! You will want an easel (or get creative with what you have) to attach the paper to. Fill your squirt guns with liquid watercolors and then squirt away!! Change out colors and create beautiful pictures!

Ice Eggs

photo credit:

Don't these look fun?! You need balloons, small objects/toys, water and space in your freezer! Purchase some round shaped balloons and stretch the neck of the balloon open as far as you can and carefully put the object inside. (It would be helpful to have an extra set of hands for this part.) Then fill the balloons with water and place them in the freezer. It might be easier to place them in a bowl or pan before freezing them. Let them freeze overnight. Then use scissors to cut the balloon and peel it away. You are left with some ice eggs!! On a very hot day, this activity would be perfect. Your little one can try many different tactics on how to thaw the ice faster to get to the toy (sitting on it, rubbing it, pouring water on it, using little tools, etc...let their imagination run wild with this.) You can even turn it into a science lesson for older kids. Let them make predictions on different methods, which one will work the slowest or the fastest and talk about why that method was faster. You can get out a magnifying glass and study the ice and the patterns that formed in it. The possibilities are endless here! 

Feel free to check out more ideas for summer fun and many other subjects on our Pinterest Page!

Hope you have some fun with water this summer!! Enjoy!!


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