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Summer Bucket List - Bannor Toys

Summer Bucket List

Summer is upon us!! YAY!!!! It won't be long before the kids are back in school and I want to be sure we get some fun activities checked off our list before then. With the help of some friends in our Facebook Group, Bannor Toys Collective, here are some ideas for your Summer Bucket List! 

☀️ Zoo/Aquarium - You really can't go wrong with visiting a zoo and/or aquarium. Fun for the whole family!

☀️ Splash Pads/Local Pool - Really anything with water! Water balloons, sprinklers, slip and slide, water guns, local lake/beach, etc!

☀️ Support Local - We encourage you to support local attractions whenever possible. With many of these places being closed last summer, they could sure use a boost! 

☀️ Visit the Library - Many libraries have summer reading programs with extra activities. Our kids love our local library and go many times each week! 

☀️ Family Time around the fire - We put a fire pit in our back yard a couple of years ago and we love spending time there. We aren't big fans of s'mores, but we love to make pizza and/or fruit pies with our cast iron pie makers. And as it gets dark, our kids love to chase the fireflies!

☀️ Camping - Whether you have a camper or a tent, camping is an experience your kids will remember for a long time. Even if you just set up in your backyard, it will be a blast! I have fond memories of camping when I was a kid and hope to give my kids those same memories! 

☀️ Visit State Parks - Go explore nature at a local state park. Many do activities that are free or inexpensive during the summer months. 

☀️ Visit a Farmer's Market - Do you have Farmer's Markets in your area? We have a small one in Madrid every other week, but neighboring communities have them every week! I love to go support family businesses and get fresh produce and local products.

☀️ Family Reunion - Do you have family that you haven't seen in a while? Organize a family reunion. Most parks have shelter houses that you can reserve and make it simple - do a potluck! Everyone brings a dish or two to share. Then just eat and enjoy catching up! 

☀️ Family Vacation - Summer is the time for our family vacation. With our kids being 16, 13, and 10, they are very busy during the school year so it is hard to get away. Summer, while still super busy, becomes the time where we take a week to get away. This year we are going to Florida and we are all very, very excited!

Summer is one of my favorite times of the year! So many fun things to do as a family! Leave us a comment below of what is on your Summer Bucket List!




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Whitney - July 13, 2021

We just moved and are checking out all the parks and splash pads in our new town this summer!

Mardi, I’m going to need more details on this fruit pie situation because it sounds AMAZING. What do you use for a crust? Do you just put the cast iron skillet in the fire pit?

Taylor L - July 13, 2021

Strawberry picking
Have a picnic
Pool/water balloon fights

Jamie Drake - July 13, 2021

Zoo – we have a membership and love going
Splash pad – been dying to take my daughter to one
Family vacation – cant wait!
Friends reunion- havent seen my bests friends in almost 2 years!

Samantha - July 13, 2021

We love going to the zoo and splash pad!

Lisa - July 13, 2021

We got annual memberships to our zoo and aquarium just in time for summer shenanigans! Thanks for the reminder for supporting local businesses when it comes to fun for the littles!

Jessica - July 13, 2021

Hoping to take my toddler to more “attractions” now that things are opening up! Maybe a small amusement park or zoo!

Christy - July 13, 2021

Family vacation and farmers market! Have had a family reunion. Camping inside maybe. 😃

Kami - July 13, 2021

From this list, we are visiting the library for summer reading program & having family time around the campfire & going camping & visiting state parks & having a family reunion! It’s a busy, good summer!

Emily - June 29, 2021

Camping and visit tiger world!

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