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Super Simple Valentine Snack and Craft - Bannor Toys

Super Simple Valentine Snack and Craft

When I was growing up, I remember taking my Valentine cards to school and having a party in our classroom. We would eat snacks, play games and pass out our cards into everyone's decorated bags.   At home, Mom would always write us little notes. Being a single mom, she couldn't afford much, but I remember that those notes always made me feel happy and loved. 

My incredible husband takes the reigns for Valentine's Day at our house. He gives each of us a note along with flowers for our daughter and I and sports cards for the boys. One year he even asked Stacey for help and gave me a heart rattle with his handwriting engraved on it.....swoon!! ❤️ Don't worry, he doesn't get left out. I find a cool and unique gift for him from the kids and I. 

Valentine's Day doesn't need to be huge and elaborate. It can be simple and fun. Keep reading for two simple ideas to celebrate the Day of Love. One is a simple craft and the other is a fun snack that can also be a game!

Eli, Stacey's son, and Charis, my daughter, have become the best of buds since I started working at Bannor so we decided to get them together to show you how to make these items. 

Valentine's Necklaces

Materials Needed:

- Yarn (we used white, but you can use any color)

- Craft Foam (you can purchase some here)

- Pony Beads (you can purchase some here)

- Scissors

- Hole Punch

- Ink Pen

- Tape

Gather all of your materials and get ready to create! 

1. Cut the string to the length you will need. You may want to make it a little longer as you can always shorten it when it is complete. 

2. Have your child draw their heart on the foam and cut it out. You will want it to be fairly big so you can put the hole in it. 

3. When you put the holes in the heart you can do one hole or two as pictured below. You can use the hole punch or we just used scissors and made small slits. String the yarn through the holes. 


4. Now you are ready to string the beads. If your little one chose one bead, we found that putting one bead through both of the parts of the string worked best and then let your little one put as many beads on it as they would like. Our kids loved choosing all the different colors! If the yarn is starting to fray, you can wrap some tape around the end to keep it together and help your child as they string the beads.

4. Our children then decided to decorate the hearts with their names and hearts. Let your little one's imagination go wild!

Charis made a second one to give to her best friend and Eli made another one for his puppy!

Here they are with their finished products. They were so proud of what they made and had so much fun! 


Craft source: Creative Child Website


Valentine's Snack

This fun snack is a game as well so it is a two-for-one deal! These two kiddos had an absolute blast with this one and they were loving the fact that we were letting them eat frosting and candy at 9 in the morning!!

Materials Needed:

- Graham Crackers

- Frosting (we found frosting that was already in a squeezable packet with a tip)

- Conversation hearts or M&Ms (we had regular size plain M&Ms and MEGA size M&Ms)


1. Break the graham cracker in half so that you have a square. 

2. Have the kiddos make a Tic-Tac-Toe board on the graham cracker with the frosting. They don't have to be perfect! 😉


3. Play Tic-Tac-Toe!! You can use conversation hearts or M&Ms to be the Xs and Os. We had each kiddo choose a color that they wanted to have. 


4. After the game is done, you can play again and again on the same board or you can let them eat that board and then make another one! Our kids wanted to eat theirs!!

Snack source: Sippy Cup Mom

 We hope you enjoy these two simple ideas that you can do with your kiddos that take minimal supplies or time. Our kids really enjoyed making these!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!!


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