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Surviving the Holiday's with Littles - Bannor Toys

Surviving the Holiday's with Littles

Whoever said the holidays are the most wonderful time of year clearly was not a stressed-out mom. Surviving with small children can be incredibly challenging. We all know that holidays are supposed to be fun and exciting, but with children it can be exhausting and frankly stressful. After many years I have picked up on a few tips and tricks to make holidays more manageable.  


#1 Keep your schedule as normal as possible

Whenever possible keep your routines the same. Bedtime, mealtime, naptime, etc. are important to the way family your family functions. Try hard to schedule meals, pictures, parties, and other holiday diversions away from those times. I know personally my two littles need to nap. Naptime can be flexible, but I know not to schedule something all afternoon because we need to go home and rest at some point.

 baby under tree

#2 Don't Delay!

Easier said than done, I know. Start shopping now if you haven’t already. Take advantage of the deals. Shopping now leads to less stress later when more activities and last-minute commitments pop up. I use the notes app on my phone to keep track of what I have bought and what ideas I have for those that still need a gift. I also make sure to complete my kid’s wish lists early.  That ensures I have it available when asked by grandparents and others. Don’t delay on the other stuff as well. If you can preorder your holiday meals, desserts, class treats, teacher gifts, Christmas cards, etc. do it!  Knock these off your list now. Later you will be thankful those tasks were done early.

Pro Tip - Keep your holiday card addresses in a label template (provided by the label brand) so you can easily print them off and adhere them to the envelopes!  No need to hand address.


#3 Your mental health matters

It is absolutely okay to ask for help. Let’s say it again - IT IS ABSOLUTELY OKAY TO ASK FOR HELP. This can look like a lot of things, but the main idea is that your mental health matters. If you are stressed out and need help you should have no shame asking for some. This could look like you ordering dinner out or pulling out a freezer meal. It could also be you asking a friend to swap some childcare, so you have time to shop or wrap presents. It might also be as simple as just going to bed early or taking a long bath. When you aren’t taking care of yourself it is hard to be at your best. You matter more than the holiday hoopla.


#4 Simplify your to do list

The holidays are a great time to practice saying NO. Don’t be pressured to put more on your plate than what you can handle. For example, ask your spouse to help with the shopping and wrapping. If hosting is easier for your family, then host, but make it a potluck so you are not stuck cooking and cleaning (and cleaning up) everything. I often find hosting is easier for my family because then I don’t have to pack up our whole lives, and we split the cooking duties or the cost of catering.

 gingerbread house

#5 Keeping in mind the reason for the season

While the stress can weigh you down it is important to remember what the season is all about. Your family’s holiday won’t be less if you do not have a Pinterest-worthy set up, perfect meals, or mountains of gifts. What is most important is spending time with your families, enjoying the love and company of others, and giving back. The holidays are a great time of a year to teach your children about volunteering and giving to others. There are tons of opportunities this time of year so look up what you can do around your community. And it’s never too soon for kids to learn to send thank you notes for the gifts they’ve received.

 girls reading

During the holidays it is not uncommon for children and some adults to express lots of big feelings, crazy energy and frankly feel more stress, but it is important to remember that it will come to an end. We can get through this but remember to make memories and enjoy this upcoming holiday season as much as possible.


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