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Bannor Toys Blog

  • Gingerbread Houses!! - Bannor Toys
    December 8, 2021 Mardi Peasley

    Gingerbread Houses!!

    It’s that time of year, gingerbread house season! Who doesn’t love decorating a gingerbread house?! It’s an annual tradition in our house & I’d love to share some tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way!  1. Prepare ahead...

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  • Let's have a birthday PARTY!! - Bannor Toys
    October 18, 2021 Mardi Peasley

    Let's have a birthday PARTY!!

    This month Bannor Toys is celebrating 10 years! In honor of their birthday, I wanted to share some of our favorite birthday traditions! I love to celebrate my son and give him wonderful memories from his special day each year! ...

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  • A FABULOUS Fall Bucket List! - Bannor Toys
    September 27, 2021 Mardi Peasley

    A FABULOUS Fall Bucket List!

    Fall is such a beautiful time of the year and there are SO many fun things to do! Here is a list of the MUST DO activities for fall! Go and have some fun!! 🍂  Decorate! 🍂 Get out those Jack-o-lanterns, leaves,...

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  • Kid-Tested Easter Egg Dying - Bannor Toys
    March 22, 2021 Mardi Peasley

    Kid-Tested Easter Egg Dying

    Dying Easter eggs is one of those traditions that I always knew I wanted to pass down to my kids, who are now 4.5 and 2.5 years old. However, because of their ages I’ve been looking for alternative dying techniques...

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