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The ONE Thing Kids Need Most From Their Toys - Bannor Toys

The ONE Thing Kids Need Most From Their Toys

We all know that learning is important, but did you know that play is important too?   Kids learn so much from play in the first few years of life, building the strong foundations in the brain to excel in school.   From stacking cups to building towers with blocks, exploring different textures and sounds; the brain is constantly learning and figuring things out.   Here at Bannor Toys, we know the most important thing in a toy (aside from safety) is that it allows children to use their imagination!   That is why we make toys that are open ended, toys that allow kids to explore and learn at their own pace, in their own way, all while having FUN!   

Here are a few of our favorite toys that really let your kids learn too: 

1.  Silicone and Wood Block Set

Our exclusive silicone and wood block set is great for so many ages.  Our softer silicone blocks are great for little ones that want to put everything in their mouth, and awesome for imagination when kids get older and want "windows" in their building creations!  Bonus....take the silicone blocks in the bathtub for a fun water toy!


2.  Stacking Cups

Soft yet sturdy, these stacking cups are great for stacking, color recognition, water play, and more!  


3.  Matching Games

Use them as typical memory matching games or get creative and name the pictures, find the image in real life, use them as story prompts!   

4.  Farm Puzzle

 Puzzles are great for all the typical play...learning about spatial relations, problem solving, hand-eye coordination and such.   But using those pieces as free-standing imaginative play scenes makes it so much more better!  

5.  Roll-A-Rattle

Is it a rattle or a zoo animal cage?   You never know with our roll-a-rattle when you give your kids the freedom to use their imagnination and play in endless ways!  


When the toys your kids play with allow for creativity and imagination to flow, when there are no batteries to replace, loud sounds to annoy you, and instructions to follow you will see the creativity blossom in your kids!   


-Stacey Bannor

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