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Themed Bath Time! - Bannor Toys

Themed Bath Time!

Do you need a low-cost, easy set-up, but FUN activity for your kiddos? Today I’m going to share an activity I learned about last year that has totally added more magic to our house! Themed baths! It’s that simple! You can add things you already have at home, or pick up some extras from the dollar store to make an ordinary bath an activity your kids won’t soon forget. We like to do themed baths for the holidays throughout the year, but you can do any theme on any day that works for your needs. Themed baths are a great time killer on those days that just drag! 


I’m going to walk you through how I set up a Spring bath! The first thing we do to make the room feel special is set up a light projector (I got ours off Amazon) and turn down the main lights. For the Spring bath we choose blue & green lights.


Next, I like to decorate the walls of the tub, I’ve found that holiday window clings work amazing on our tub & add so much pizzaz! I grab these from the dollar store and always save to re-use! If I have any water-proof decor, I’ll add these decorations to the corners of the tub.



For the spring bath I used a foil balloon weight & plastic Easter basket. Then, I fill the tub and add bubble bath, but you can definitely skip the bubble bath if it’s not for you. From here you can be creative and add anything that fits your theme! We added plastic Easter eggs, fake flowers and plastic farm animals to celebrate Spring! Of course you only want to use items that can get wet!





Adding glow sticks to the bath water adds a fun glow effect & my son always likes to have a bath bomb in these baths, too! I found a Peeps Easter chick bath bomb at Target this year. You can also use bath crayons to write on the walls, or regular side walk chalk works on our tub too! Just be sure to wash it off when you’re done so it doesn’t leave residue behind! 


I usually like to keep the baths relaxing for my son, but if you’re looking to heighten the experience you can also add educational activities. For the Spring bath you could break apart the Easter eggs and have the child match the colors, count each egg as they gather them in a basket, identify the sounds each farm animal makes etc.! For a past St. Patrick's Day bath, we used gold coins to practice counting and my son really enjoyed playing hide & seek with them in the tub, the possibilities are endless! 


Let me know in the comments if you have done this activity before, or if you are now inspired to give it a try!




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