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Toy Storage Tips - Bannor Toys

Toy Storage Tips

New year, new habits!   If you're like me, you get on a cleaning and organizing kick every January...and that's NOT a bad thing, though I usually fall off the organization train by the end of January/early February! I imagine the holidays brought lots of new things to your house, or maybe you already had lots of things taking over your home, so you are probably feeling the need to put a few things into storage.There are two main tips when it comes to storing your Bannor Toys to keep for years to come:

#1 - To keep wooden toys in the best shape for a return later on, I suggest wiping them down with a damp rag, letting them completely dry, and then re-applying our wax finish to them before storage. This will keep them in the best shape so they look like new when you pull them back out! (You can purchase a care kit from our website to get a tin of our wax.)

care kit by bannor toys

#2 - Wood toys need to be kept in a dry, cool place if you are planning to put them away for several years and keep for the grandkids or next baby.   You can store them in airtight (ziplock) bags, though it might be hard to get them all to fit!  My favorite way is to get some totes from the store with lids that seal tight. Store them in one big tote, or get smaller totes and organize them by age so its easy to get them out later.  

toy storage

And that's it...just two simple steps to storing wooden toys so they can be brought back out for use in the future. Bannor Toys are designed to last for YEARS and this is the best way to be sure they do! 

If you ever have any questions about the care of your Bannor Toys, please see our care instructions here or email us at



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