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Valentine's Pizza and Snacks! - Bannor Toys

Valentine's Pizza and Snacks!

Valentine's Day is on its way and I wanted to give you a couple of simple ideas that could make the day a little more fun for you and your family!

My family LOVES pizza! My kids (ages 16,13, and 9) would eat it every single day if they me, they ask for it daily! (I love pizza too, but not for everyday!) An easy way to celebrate holidays in our house is to turn the pizza crust a different color to match the holiday!! No matter what kind of crust you make, you can change the color of it! When I make the crust, I just add the food coloring to the wet ingredients before combining with the dry. For Valentine's Day we make it pink. 

We have done this with other holidays/celebrations as well. For Halloween, we make the crust orange. If one of the kids requests pizza for their birthday supper, they get to choose the color of the crust. It is a simple way to add some extra fun to an easy supper! My kids still get excited to see how the color turns out!


So after you have pizza for supper, you need to have a little snack before bedtime. Here is a simple idea that can be done with kids as little as 2 years old with a little bit of assistance. I was pretty sure my kids were going to roll their eyes at me when I asked them to help with it, but as you can tell....they had a blast! 

Teddy Graham Treats

Ingredients needed:

Teddy Grahams (choose your favorite flavor)

Frosting (we used store bought vanilla, but feel free to make your own or choose a different flavor)

Conversation Hearts and/or M&Ms (We don't really like the conversation hearts so we chose M&Ms to use as well.)

Plastic Knife or piping bag 

Paper Plate to work on

I gave each of my kids a paper plate that had all of the materials on it so they could work at their own pace and they didn't have to wait for a sibling to get done. (And yes....that is a whole blob of frosting in the middle of the plate. I got a little carried away!)

The next step is to apply a little bit of frosting to the belly of the Teddy Graham. We just used a plastic knife to apply the frosting, but you could also use a piping bag or even a baggie with the corner cut off. Do whatever is easiest for you and your kiddos. 

After you have the frosting on there, you will just want to stick your candy to it and the enjoy this yummy treat! 

I hope you take some time this Valentine's Day to have some fun with your family and make some special treats....and memories!



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