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Why Building Blocks Are Important! - Bannor Toys

Why Building Blocks Are Important!

You remember the days from your childhood where you played with blocks for hours on end. The options of what to build and create were endless. You could work on your own or with a friend or two, but no matter what you were having fun while building castles, houses, skyscrapers, towers, mountains and more! 
Blocks are such an important part of play while kids grow and learn. Most kids have no idea that they are even learning through play with blocks, but they are! Let's look at some different things children can learn through playing with blocks:
🟦 Imagination - Watch as their imaginations soar as they dream up a special castle or skyscraper in their minds and then build it! As a parent, you can encourage them to add more details or ask them to tell you a story about what they have built to keep their imaginations going! 
building blocks
🟦 Problem Solving - What do I need to do to make this taller? Why is it falling over? How do I build something to look like my house? How do I make it more sturdy? What happens if I stack this block here?
 building with blocks
🟦 Math - Yep, Math!! Counting, measuring, estimating, and balance are just some of the ways children's math skills are improved through block play.
number blocks
🟦 Social Skills - Blocks are fun independent play, but children will often play with others and it is teaching them turn-taking, sharing, communication and team work.
🟦 Motor Skills - Both gross (larger movements using arms, legs, feet, etc.) and fine (smaller movements using hands and wrists) motor skills are developed with block play.  
building with blocks
These are just a few of the reasons why blocks are an important part of play in childhood. What are some things you have noticed your child has learned while playing with blocks? Would you like to add to your block collection? Shop here
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