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Free USA Shipping on orders of $50+
Why Puzzles? - Bannor Toys

Why Puzzles?

Puzzles!  Everyone has them, you can find them in all the stores and for all ages.   Buy why?   Why are puzzles so important and why do we carry them?  

Puzzles have numerous developmental aspects that can't be overlooked: 

  • Cognitive Developement, connecting those brain cells!
  • Working on the concept of "whole"
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Visual-spatial resoning
  • Fine Motor development...all those pinching, grasping, picking up motions
  • Building confindence
  • Practicing patience
  • Goal setting in finishing the puzzle
  • Teamwork!

We have 3 chunky puzzles in the shop, Chunky Shapes, Dream, and our newly launched Animal puzzle.  All perfect for little hands to pick up!  



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