Bannor Toys: Handmade Wooden Toys

The urge to go green has been making a sweep with companies across the world in the last decade.  This article of Lego making an effort to go green shows just how wide-spread this movement it and we highly applaud them.  Bannor Toys has always been an eco-friendly company and we take our company footprint in mind from deciding what toys to make and how to dispose of our waste.  That is why our wood shavings get picked up by a local farmer for use in their chicken coops, and scrap wood gets cut into blocks or used in fire burning stove.  The impact a person has on the environment is important, but the impact a whole company has is significant because of what the volume they can produce.  Every little inch towards a more eco-friendly world is a win!  You can watch the clip about Lego here:


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