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Money Counting and Sorting Tray

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Introduce your kids to identifying, sorting and counting money.  It is a math skill that lasts a lifetime!   We use money every single day so it is incredibly important that our children know how to identify and count it.

The beech wood tray includes 4 circular spots that are engraved with the coin names and their value and a blank rectangle spot to hold the change. Children can start by just learning what each coin is called and what it looks like by sorting.  Once they have that down, you can give them a random amount of change, have them sort it and count it. You can also give them some change and then write down a certain amount, for example, $2.43, and have them count the coins to make that amount. Counting money helps them develop the skill of counting on. Use it in a way that is best for your child and where they are at in the learning process.

**Coins and money cards NOT included**

The perfect tool to help with learning.  Ideal for preschool and kindergarten ages, but varies depending on the child's learning level. 

Bannor Toys has been handcrafting heirloom quality modern wood toys in the heart of Iowa since 2011.  Each toy is created with the intention of letting imagination and creativity thrive in children.

All deliveries are carbon neutral
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Lisa (Mukwonago, US)
This GRAIN 😍😍

This money counting board is simple but stunning. Attaching a picture because the grain is just gorgeous! Can’t wait to give it to my 5 year old for Christmas.

Karen (Newton, US)
Coin Sorting

The perfect addition to our homeschool. This has really helped to further teach my 2nd grader to identify his coins and to learn to count money more proficiently.

Jamie D. (New York, US)
Feed My Piggy

I recently bought the Money Tray and the Mini Sight words for my 3.5yr old daughter. She loves putting money in her piggy bank so i thought this was a perfect teaching tool to help her sort her money and learn the different coins and then she can "feed" her piggy with the coins she is learning about.

Kami M. (Wasilla, US)
Former Banker - LOVE

I used to work in the banking industry and LOVE to get to teach these basic banking skills to my kiddos! This is well made and will be great for learning as soon as my kiddos are old enough to play with coins. LOVE it!

Beth W. (Augusta, US)
Money counting tray

So glad Bannor Toys has added the Money Counting Tray to their educational toys. It is a great quality item! Perfect for little ones to learn about money values in an easy and fun to learn way.

Mary k. (Manhattan, US)
Great product!

Money counting and sorting tray is wonderful. It came fast and just in time for us to start using
it in our lessons! We are using it with a deck of money cards (target), just with loose change to work on identifying name and or value of each coin, and even worksheets. Plus is how beautiful it looks!

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