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The BEST Campfire Supper! - Bannor Toys

The BEST Campfire Supper!

A favorite activity for our family is to make pies by the fire. If you family is anything like mine, they LOVE pizza!! So this is a great way to have some fun and make some pizza pies, which are just a different form of a pizza pocket! We enjoyed a great night outside with a fire, some games and some pizza! But let's talk some more about the pizza pies!

You will want to purchase some cast iron camp cookers. We found these at Walmart, but you can find on them Amazon if that is easier and there are many different brands. Some come pre-seasoned and others will need to be seasoned so you will want to read the instructions for the particular brand you get. We are a family of 5 and bought three and that works well for us, but you can certainly get one for each member if that is best for you.  

Then, grab all of your ingredients:

Required ingredients are really just bread and butter. Then you can choose whatever ingredients your family likes on pizza. We are a pretty basic family so we have pizza sauce, cooked ground beef, pepperoni, cut up ham (or canadian bacon), and mozzarella cheese. 

Time to assemble!

Start with buttering one slice of bread and place it buttered side down inside on half of the camp cooker. This will help keep it from sticking to the cast iron. 

Next, add your sauce and whatever other ingredients you'd like! This is the best part, because each pie can be customized to the person eating it! 

After all of your pizza ingredients are in place, butter one side of another piece of bread. This time you will want the buttered side facing UP! Again, you don't want it to stick!

Then place the other half of the camp cooker on top. As you close them together, you may need to use a fork or butter knife to push the edges of the bread inside. The camp cooker will have a little hook further up the handle that you will want to use to keep it shut while cooking. Then, find a good place on the fire to place the cooker. 

You will want to find some even heat if you can, but that can be difficult at times. It is sometimes hard to get them to cook evenly, but they will still be delicious. Once the cast iron of the camp cooker is heated up, they will cook very quickly so you will want to watch them closely. We let them cook for a bit and then open them up and check them to be sure they aren't burning. Be sure to flip them over during the cooking process as well so both sides get good and toasty. 

And it's done! Put it on a plate, let it cool for a minute or two (you don't want to burn your mouth!) and enjoy!! We love these and do them quite a few times a year! Add some fruit, chips and drinks and you are all set! Simple, different than the norm and DELICIOUS! 

Make a whole evening of it...have some delicious food, play some games and relax by the fire. Quality family time at it's finest!


A game of football before supper!

Making their pies!

Pictionary by the fire after supper!

And if you'd like to make a different kind of pie....try a dessert pie. The idea is the same, but throw some pie filling in the center and sprinkle the buttered sides with cinnamon and die for!! You can make all sorts of pies!! The ideas are really endless!!

Do you make pies already? Share some recipes in the comments!!




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