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  • Baby Bannor's Nursery | Bannor Toys
    March 8, 2021 Mardi Peasley

    Baby Bannor's Nursery

    Decorating the nursery has been a labor of love for Jesse and Stacey! They have worked many hours painting, constructing, choosing decor and putting it all in just the right place and it is beautiful! Here are some photos along...

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  • Bannor Limited 2021 #2 - Dog Push Toy | Bannor Toys
    March 2, 2021 Mardi Peasley

    Bannor Limited 2021 #2 - Dog Push Toy

    Our Second Bannor Limited Toy for 2021 is here!  Welcome the Dog Push Toy! (Available for the month of March, while supplies last!) The Bannor Family has a miniature schnauzer named Sherman. Ever since they got him two years ago, their...

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  • Introducing....Milestone Disks! | Bannor Toys
    February 23, 2021 Mardi Peasley

    Introducing....Milestone Disks!

    Stacey has been thinking about Milestone Disks for quite awhile....and what better time to launch them since she just had a baby! Take a look at our different options for the monthly milestone sets:  Our Circle Set Simple and beautiful circles...

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  • Let's Talk About Self-Care! | Bannor Toys
    February 22, 2021 Bannor Toys

    Let's Talk About Self-Care!

    Does anyone else feel exhausted this time of year?! It’s been months of holidays, the Christmas cookie adrenaline rush has worn off, and it is cold & gloomy. Being a toddler mom, I am always tired & often overwhelmed. I...

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  • NEW St. Patrick's Day Toys! | Bannor Toys
    February 16, 2021 Mardi Peasley

    NEW St. Patrick's Day Toys!

    St. Patrick's Day is one month away! What better way to celebrate than with a couple of new toys! Welcome our Mini Shamrock Teether and our St. Patrick's Mini Matching Game! The shamrock is made from rock hard maple wood, it...

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  • Valentine's Pizza and Snacks! | Bannor Toys
    February 8, 2021 Mardi Peasley

    Valentine's Pizza and Snacks!

    Valentine's Day is on its way and I wanted to give you a couple of simple ideas that could make the day a little more fun for you and your family! My family LOVES pizza! My kids (ages 16,13, and...

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  • Bannor Limited 2021 #1 - Double Stacker | Bannor Toys
    February 2, 2021 Mardi Peasley

    Bannor Limited 2021 #1 - Double Stacker

    Bannor Limited is BACK!! Our first one for 2021 is the Double Stacker! (Available for the month of February or while supplies last.) This gorgeous stacking toy is made of maple, cherry and walnut woods. Durable to withstand years of...

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  • New Year, New Bannor! | Bannor Toys
    January 11, 2021 Mardi Peasley

    New Year, New Bannor!

    Year 2021 is upon us! With a new year, comes a new employee, new colorways, and new toys!  We welcomed a new employee this past week. Nicky joined our team and we are excited to have her. She is busy...

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